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Eureka!  Healthy Baked Goods!

Welcome to Newton's Bakery!


After seeing an apple fall from a tree, Sir Isaac Newton discovered gravity while in quarantine during the 1665 bubonic plague.  Newton's Bakery, created during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, is my nod to science and to living a healthy lifestyle.

When we were ordered to stay home because of COVID-19, the kitchen became my lab.  Like so many others, I started baking and made a sourdough starter which I named Newton.  Since I couldn't find regular flour, I experimented with the flours that were available and used the least amount of butter and sugar possible to create scrumptious treats.  Little did I know that this hobby would turn into a bakery delivery business.  Six months and several trainings and inspections later, I am licensed and renting a commercial kitchen!

All items are hand-made to order from scratch.  Currently providing contact-less delivery on Sunday afternoons in Montgomery County, Maryland.  Or contact us to arrange to pick up your goodies.  

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